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Seal Coating & Driveway Paving in Danbury, CT

Seal Coating is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan. Asphalt Repair Solutions uses Coal, Tar, and Asphalt Emulsion sealer when available.  A quality seal job will provide a layer of protection to asphalt and can be applied as early as 90 days after asphalt is installed.

Seal Coating will protect against the following elements:

• Excessive Rain

• Gas

• Oil

• Sun

• Heavy Use

Investment Protection
Regular Seal Coating is considered the most effective way to maintain the integrity of your driveway/parking lot.

Fresh Appearance
Sealing improves the look of any home or business.  It provides a fresh new even coat of black surface area with a non-slip surface.

Driveway Sunscreen
UV light from the sun dries out your asphalt turning it gray and allowing breakdown of the, "Binder" in the asphalt.  Sealer is much more resistant to UV light, offering more protection.

Surface Protection
Gas & Oil spills will cause damage to the asphalt, because it is vulnerable to petroleum products.  Wet weather conditions & washing your car in the driveway, combined with freezing & thawing due to weather temperatures will also deteriorate the integrity of the asphalt, as well as allow cracking and erosion of the asphalt.  Seal Coating will, "SEAL" the pores of the asphalt reducing the rate of deterioration.

This coating provides a barrier that will flex with the asphalt movements to a certain point, while protecting the asphalt from any destructive elements, which could damage or dry out the oils.