Things You Need to Know About Asphalt Paving Services

15 Things You Need to Know About Asphalt Paving Services

Asphalt paving is one of the best ways to ensure that your property gets to have functional pavement. Asphalt is among the primary road construction materials used in this day and age. In fact, 94% of the roads in the U.S. are made from asphalt! If installed correctly, an asphalt pavement performs much like concrete but at a fraction of the cost.

It only makes sense to choose asphalt paving over alternatives. But before you can enjoy its benefits, you need someone with the expertise to install it properly. Luckily for you, there are companies like Asphalt Repairs Solutions to provide you with quality asphalt paving services in Connecticut. 

Below are fifteen essential things you need to know about asphalt paving services.

What is Asphalt Paving?

In construction, asphalt paving is the process of laying asphalt in a particular location. This location can be a driveway, a commercial parking lot, or a roadway. Asphalt paving is done with vehicular traffic in mind, so expect the surface to be relatively smooth and be capable of holding massive weights for a very long time.


What are Asphalt Paving Services

What are Asphalt Paving Services?

The contractors in charge of building roads, driveways, and walkways are often referred to as asphalt paving services. Their primary objective is to make sure that the pavement is smooth, robust, and long-lasting for automobiles and pedestrians. 

They have lots of experience working with people, from homeowners to highway departments. They must have the people skills alongside their working experience to ensure their clients’ satisfaction with the project.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Look for in an Asphalt Contractor?

To operate legally in Connecticut, an asphalt contractor must have two things in hand: a valid license and insurance. A license ensures that a contractor has the expertise to deal with asphalt paving projects effectively. 

Insurance will serve as a protection for you against any claims and damages done to your property. It is illegal for contractors to work on any project if they can’t show a license or proof of insurance.

How to Know if an Asphalt Paving Company is Experienced

Previous projects can show you if an asphalt paving company is competent or not. Throughout the years in the industry, any contractor will have the appropriate amount of knowledge and skills to deliver the best result they possibly can. For this reason, you should check your asphalt contractor’s portfolio to have an idea of the quality of service they can provide you.

How to Know if an Asphalt Paving Company is Reliable

One of the best ways to vet asphalt paving service providers is to check their online reviews and testimonials. Previous clients will usually leave reviews on directories to tell other people whether the service provider did a good job or not. Additionally, you should check authority review websites like Angi or HomeAdvisor for reviews instead of solely relying on the ones posted on the asphalt paving company’s website.

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost?

The average cost of asphalt paving for driveways in Connecticut is $4.33 per square foot. This price is relatively lower than concrete driveways installation, costing $6.79 per square foot. 

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving can open your doors to a plethora of advantages. Many residential homeowners love their asphalt driveway because it’s cheap, durable, quiet, and smooth. If you ask them, opting for asphalt paving is one of the best home improvement decisions they’ve ever made aside from upgrading their doors and windows.

Asphalt Paving is Cost-Effective

Asphalt paving is arguably the most cost-effective paving solution out there today. As mentioned earlier, the average cost of asphalt paving is cheaper than concrete paving. However, the price of asphalt tends to vary due to the fluctuations in crude oil prices. And since time is money, building asphalt pavements is much quicker than other pavement alternatives.

Asphalt Pavements are Durable

Asphalt can handle considerably heavy loads without having any severe damage. This property makes the material an ideal option for different purposes like driveways and commercial parking lots. With the help of a qualified asphalt contractor, you can even extend the life of your asphalt pavement by 15 to 20 years.

Asphalt Pavements are Quieter to Drive On

One of the best characteristics of asphalt is its lack of noise. The little holes comprising an asphalt pavement can absorb air and sound waves, making it relatively silent whenever a car passes on it.

Asphalt Pavements are Smooth

The smoothness of asphalt pavements compared to other pavement types makes it an excellent surface to drive on, even for bikes. Smooth pavements are critical in reducing car accidents because they can decrease driver fatigue and improve the stability of a vehicle.

How Long Does Asphalt Take to Dry?

It would typically take 48 to 72 hours for asphalt to dry after application. Once asphalt is dry, it is safe for foot and vehicle traffic. Remember that drying time is different from curing time. Since a newly dried asphalt isn’t 100% cured, you have to be extremely careful of hazardous spills and heavy traffic loads.

What are the Planning and Strategies Involved in Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving is by no means an easy task. For contractors to do it effectively, they must first formulate a sound plan and execution strategies to ensure that they can finish the project without any mistakes or accidents.

When to Book an Asphalt Project

When to Book a Project?

Weather can either be a deterrent or an incentive for laying asphalt. If you live in Connecticut and want to get the best asphalt pavement possible, you should book an asphalt paving service from late spring to early summer.

Asphalt Paving is the Way to Go

You now have a proper grasp of what asphalt paving is and other necessary information revolving around it. If you’re keen on having asphalt pavement as soon as possible, then the next thing to do is to book an asphalt paving project. We here at Asphalt Repair Solutions can help you get the neatest and smoothest pavement you’ve always wanted.

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