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Highway Asphalt Paving Serving NY and CT

Highway construction requires careful attention to detail, professional procedures, and guaranteed quality. That’s where Asphalt Repair Solutions comes in! We are the trusted asphalt paving company serving Connecticut and New York. We make our clients and every project a priority, making it our personal goal to give you expert highway construction and paving services.

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Any Size Project

When it comes to highway construction, there are several different types of projects. Asphalt Repair Solutions is here to help you with all of them — no project is too small or too big! Whether you want an entirely new section of a highway, a smaller section, or even simple repairs, we are here to provide professional and dependable paving services.

Overlays & Sealcoating

Highway construction and paving can be needed for various projects. While some call for completely new installations and highway segments, occasionally an overlay is the only thing needed. Overlays are a faster process and less expensive. Not every situation is appropriate for an overlay, so our expert team members can help you decide what’s best for your highway paving.

Sealcoating is another essential element to highway construction and paving. Cracks and small damages are a natural part of paving material, but sealcoating can help prevent and diminish increased damage. Especially during the harsh winter months, sealcoating can work wonders for your highway construction!

Site Excavation & Preparation

We lead the way in preparation for your highway construction, making sure the site excavation is done properly, effectively, and efficiently. Working on a highway can cause inconvenient traffic, but with proper planning and use of the site, we can make the best use of time for quick installation and highway usage.


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With years of combined experience, Asphalt Repair Solutions is the paving company for clients on the East Coast! We put our best work into each and every project, making sure our clients are satisfied and the asphalt paving is professional. Our state of the art equipment and trained team members are here to guarantee quality. We look forward to working with you!

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