Asphalt Repair/Parking Lot

Parking Lot Paving Services Serving NY and CT

With years of combined experience, Asphalt Repair Solutions always provides quality asphalt services. We offer our services throughout New York and Connecticut, helping all of our clients complete the asphalt projects they need. We put our clients first with every project we take on and look forward to working with you!

Any Size Project

Our parking lot paving services are available for any of clients! No matter the size of your parking lot project, Asphalt Repair Solutions is here to help and make sure it is done right. Whether you are looking to create a durable parking lot for your commercial business or want something durable for any residential or local parking lot, we have trusted team members to ensure top quality. From only a few parking spots to several, your parking lot becomes our paving priority.

Resurface, Repairs, New Installations

Parking lots can be constructed in several ways, each method with its own purposes. Asphalt Repair Solutions and our expert team members can help you decide what will be best for your parking lot project. Resurfacing is like applying a fresh layer of asphalt to give your parking lot a clean, crisp look. Repairs takes care of any annoying damages or unsightly marks, such as cracks, potholes, and other wear and tear. New installations give you a brand new parking lot, curated to meet your exact needs!

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Site Excavation & Preparation

Some parking lot asphalt projects take longer and require more preparation than others. Regardless of the length or preparation needed, Asphalt Repair Solutions helps our clients with all of the necessary requirements before starting an asphalt project. From resurfaces to repairs and even new installations, we take on complete site excavation and preparation. By taking these proper steps, we aim to ensure the longevity of your parking lot and allow for better asphalt management.

Safety & Quality


The first priority of Asphalt Repair Solutions with any project is safety. We take every project seriously and make sure all of the necessary safety precautions are accounted for. We strive to protect our clients, the property, our employees, and anyone else involved — all while giving you a quality parking lot. By putting safety first, we are able to work both effectively and efficiently to give you a great finished product. We take pride in our parking lot jobs and are here to help see your vision come to life.

Your Trusted Parking Lot Pavers

sphalt Repair Solutions combines the experience of our leading staff and the expertise of our trained team members to bring quality parking lots to all of our East Coast clients. We make every single project a priority, keep a clear line of communication, and look to exceed your expectations each and every time.

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