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With over 35 years of experience, Asphalt Repair Solutions is New Haven County’s trusted asphalt paving company. Our experts will supply you with honest, affordable paving work that is all completed in-house. Asphalt Repair Solutions provides:

  • Residential Paving

  • Commercial & Industrial Paving

  • Milling & Grading

  • Sealcoating

  • Crack Filling

  • Curbing and Line Striping

  • Commercial Snow Plowing


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Residential Paving

Both business owners and homeowners know they can turn to Asphalt Repair Solutions when they need a dedicated and experienced asphalt and pavement contractor. We’re ready to handle projects of any size or complexity, and we possess both the knowledge and materials to get the job done right the first time. Our contractors possess a thorough knowledge of local zoning laws, and we’ve spent over 35 years honing our skills in this trade. Signs your surface needs repaving:
  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly
Paving road

Commercial Paving

Asphalt Repair Solutions Inc. also has the expertise to take on commercial properties with our expert asphalt paving services. Whether you need a highway paved or a commercial lot, we’re guaranteed to work within your budget and on-time. We have completed work throughout Connecticut and in New Haven County, CT. Some projects we have worked on include: Some projects we have worked on include:
  • Subdivisions – Municipal and Rural
  • Highway Construction
  • Industrial Sites
  • Commercial Sites
  • Design-Built Paving Projects
Asphalt Milling & Grading​ - Asphalt Repair Solutions

Asphalt Milling & Grading

Often times the sub-base under the pavement has failed or the current pavement has become too deteriorated where it is best to mill and re-pave the area. This involves milling the existing deteriorated asphalt pavement and fixing any sub-base failures and problems by re-grading, leveling, pulverizing, and milling to a specific depth.

Curbing and Line Striping

Nothing ruins a finished paving job quite like poorly done curbing or line striping. On the other hand, well-done curbing and line striping is a good indication that the property owner emphasizes maintenance. Having clean cut lines are a great way to improve aesthetics while also showing that you emphasize safety and traffic flow.

Curbing and Line Striping​​ - Asphalt Repair Solutions

Sealcoating & Crack Filling


Left unfilled, cracks will allow rain and moisture to flow through pavement and erode base materials ultimately resulting in potholes and pavement failure.  

Hot Crack Filling

When it comes to keeping your paved area in good condition, you will want to fill any cracks that may occur to prevent more extensive damage. Water can easily seep through these areas of your asphalt and create expensive repairs if you don’t make the necessary crack repairs. It’s also ideal to consider crack sealing because this can work to stop any damage to your asphalt before it worsens. The good news for you is that crack sealing may be the perfect way to get more mileage out of your asphalt investments.


Does your parking lot project the image you want for your New Haven county business. Is your parking lot well maintained and in good condition? We can help! Applying seal coating to an asphalt parking lot every 3-4 years can help add years to the life of the parking lot by sealing out damage caused by the weather elements and chemicals over time. Filling cracks and applying an overall protective coating to the asphalt provide protection, especially under the harsh Florida sun, and will also beautify your asphalt for years.Seal Coating will protect against the following elements:

  • Excessive Rain
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Sun
  • Heavy Use

New Haven County's Trusted Asphalt Paving Company

We have been New Haven County’s trusted asphalt service company for over 35 years and counting. Our long lasting relationships with our clients is what sets us apart. We are here to provide you with honest, affordable asphalt services. Call us at 203-491-2573 to receive your estimate today.  

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